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Day 1
14 Dec 2020

Day 1 – Opening – why are we here?

The way in which personal data are being dealt with is about to change. Discover why, how, and who.
Daniel Kaplan
Kai Kuikkaniemi
Antti Poikola
Harri Pursiainen
Day 2
31 Aug 2016

Day 1 – Future of digital self

When wearables come swallowables and we are surrounded by trillions of sensors - what changes and what stays the same?
Samuel Rinnetmäki
Rory Donnelly
Andrew Vorster
Taavi Kotka
Tuuli Kaskinen

Day 1 – Anatomy of personal data storage

Storing personal data under individual’s own control is the starting point for MyData - what is the state of the art in this field of technical development?
Jb Piacentino
Mats Sjöberg
Markus Sabadello
Tristan Nitot
Michele Vescovi

Day 1 – Health and wellbeing

Human centric personal data in the future health and care solutions
Maritta Perälä-Heape
Scott Leibrand
Risto Kaikkonen
Anssi Pulkkinen
Sulka Haro
Mikael Rinnetmäki
Dana Lewis
Madis Tiik

Day 1 – Public services

Governments collect and manage lots of personal data data, what is their role in shaping the dominant practices?
Janne Viskari
Marko Latvanen
Julia Manske
Dagmar Celuchova Bosanska
Allon Bar
Christine Copers

Day 1 – Academic Workshop

Making sense of the value of personal data
Tuukka Lehtiniemi

Day 1 – Making trust ecosystems happen

Consent needs technology - review from different projects on the architecture of notice and consent
Michele Nati
Harri Honko
Joss Langford
Katryna Dow
Mark Lizar

Day 1 – Trust me!

Evaluating and communicating trustworthiness of data custodians
Geoff Revill
Pernille Tranberg
Andreas Berger
Hans-Martin Hellebrand
Allon Bar
Molly Schwartz

Day 1 – Blockchain and Personal Data

Decentralizing identity management and personal data sharing
Michele Nati
Björn Pirrwitz
Markus Sabadello
Joachim Lohkamp

Day 1- Mobility, energy and smart cities

Enabling smoother living in smarter cities by frictionless flow of data - how to avoid traditional data silos in the emerging MyData ecosystem
Tuukka Hastrup
Pekka Koponen
Fabien Coutant
Fedja Zdrnja
Lilli Linkola
Sami Pippuri

Day 1 – Platform Economy

Platforms connect two or more market sides to meaningful interaction - what is the role of "platform companies" or "ecosystem players" in the management of personal data?
Joanne Lacey
Pekka Sivonen
Serge Bignens
Timo Seppälä
Luk Vervenne
André Golliez

Day 1 – Personal Cloud as a business opportunity for enterprises

How can the Personal Cloud enable enterprises to disrupt Google and Facebook?
Tristan Nitot
Benjamin André

Day 1 – Challenges for the data-driven society

Personal data is the lifeblood of today's economy. It's also its poison. Find out why, and what could be done about it.
Molly Schwartz
Edouard Geffray
Jamie Smith
Day 3
01 Sep 2016

Day 2 – The power of individuals

"Free customers are more valuable than captive ones", writes Doc Searls. From Doc himself, dive into a world of data-empowered consumers and citizens.
Molly Schwartz
Doc Searls

Day 2 – Data-empowered everyday life

Everyday life benefits and challenges of controlling one’s own data
Daniel Kaplan
Rory Donnelly
Katryna Dow
Aleksi Rossi
Maarten Leyts
Tristan Nitot

Day 2 – Strategy and Tactics for MyData Design

A Practical and Collaborative Workshop
James Harvey
Erwin Kroon
Alessandro Carelli
Nathan Kinch

Day 2 – Insurance and financing

The impact of human centric personal data on the future of customer relations in Insurance and Finance
Erik Arnaud
Clara Schmitt
Cécile Wendling
Bo Harald
Tero Almi

Day 2 – Legal frameworks

How MyData fits in the regenerating European Data Protection regime?
Olli Pitkänen
Nicolo Zingales
Eitan Jankelewitz
Miguel Perez Subias
Tobias Bräutigam
Anette Alén-Savikko
Jens Kremer

Day 2 – Business models

Human-centered business models for platform operators
Minna Pikkarainen
Laura Kemppainen
Petri Reiman
Ossi Laukkanen
Mika Raitola
Hans-Martin Hellebrand
Julian Ranger
Joachim Lohkamp

Day 2 – Critical technology education

Key technology related questions such as algorithmic power and data privacy, are in the margins of current media education - come share your ideas on the educational needs start the change.
Minna Saariketo

Day 2 -Technical horizons

Technical overview and roadmap for the human-centric personal data management
Kai Kuikkaniemi
Markus Sabadello
Sean Bohan
Maciej Machulak
Justin Richer

Day 2 – MyData Design – Challenges, Opportunities, Insights

Novel approaches are transforming the way we as individuals, and we as organisational stakeholders, interact with personal data
Pierrick Thébault
Sarah Medjek
Mads Schaarup Andersen
Ramon Sangüesa
Nathan Kinch

Day 2 – IoT

Managing, sharing and storing decentralised IoT data safely and securely
Petri Liuha
Sachin Lodha
Risto Linturi
Kristian Bäckström
Charalampos Doukas

Day 2 – Quantified employee

Using MyData for designing work
Marianne Falck-Hvilstafeldt
Peter Paul Gerbrands
Ossi Laukkanen
Teppo Valtonen

Day 2 – Examples, experiences and case studies!

Experiences, with real users and data: what are the challenges and success factors for individuals and organizations to engage in human-centric model for personal data?
Manon Molins
Marine Albarede
Katryna Dow
Michele Vescovi

Day 2 – MyDatan mahdollisuudet kaupungeille (6aika)

Miten henkilötietoa voidaan ihmisten omalla suostumuksella nykyistä laajemmin hyödyntää digitaalisten kaupunkipalvelujen tuottamisessa ja mitä kaupunkien tulee huomioida mm. uuden EU tietosuoja-asetuksen osalta?
Matti Saastamoinen
Petteri Günther
Mika Honkanen
Saara Ryhtä

Day 2 – Empowering people with their data

Scenarios and Challenges
Daniel Kaplan
Romain Liberge
Peter Vander Auwera
Irene Ng
Day 4
02 Sep 2016

Day 3 – Management of research information

Information on research, such as publications, research data, research projects, impact indicators, and researchers’ personal data increases constantly. The data are managed by various local and global, public and private organisations and services.
Hanna-Mari Puuska
Sami Saarikoski
Kai Kuikkaniemi

Day 3 – Collaborating for a better data future

Empowering people with their own data carries its own risks and challenges. Learn what they are, and how the players are working on them, together.
Molly Schwartz
Katryna Dow
Rufus Pollock

Day 3 – Policy-making for personal data

After the adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation – what next?
Dr. Malte Beyer-Katzenberger
Kaspar Kala
Taru Rastas
Philippe De Backer
Diego Naranjo
Jarno Limnéll

Day 3 – Challenges in Big / Small Personal Data Analytics

How to create value from personal data without compromising privacy?
Juuso Parkkinen
Jb Piacentino
David Robert
Berit Skjernaa
Oguzhan Gencoglu

Day 3 – Economics of data management

Privacy can be business enabler and enabling privacy can be a good business
Marko Turpeinen
Pekka Turpeinen
Serafin Leon Engel
Anna-Riitta Vuorenmaa
Andre Walter
John Zysman

Day 3 – Research and education

Come and explore the possibilities of MyData within the fields of research and education
Paula Merikko
Josh Brown
Tarmo Toikkanen
Pär Andler
Antti Pursula

Day 3 – Global winds from Japan to Silicon Valley

Personal Data Ecosystems over the Pacific
Koiti Hasida
Hiroshi Nakagawa
Kazushi Ishigaki
Naoto Ikegai
Akio Shimono
Andreas Berger
Hans-Martin Hellebrand
Kazue Sako

Day 3 – PIMS roundtable

Common actions to build momentum towards human-centric personal data
Daniel Kaplan
Tanel Mällo

Day 3 – Closing – ACTION!

We can't just talk about human-centric personal data. We need to make it happen. Be part of what comes next.
Molly Schwartz
Valérie Peugeot
Anne Berner