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Published Speaker Presentations (list updated Sep 15th)

Speaker presentation materials in alphabetical order with speakers first name. Note that we don’t have publishing rights to all presentations.

Aija Kaitera – Research information systems and interoperability
Akio Shimono – A challenge towards social implementation of PDS with public sector using open source software “personium”
Aleksi Rossi – Yle status and a couple of scenarios for data empowered everyday life
Alessandro Carelli – Mapping MyData Consent Experience Workshop
Alisa Frik – Information Privacy Protection and Risk Attitudes: An Experimental Study
Allon Bar – From Bigger to Better Data Practices: Ranking Tech Companies on Privacy [Video in YouTube]
Allon Bar & Julia Manske – Where is my data? Holding public and private sectors to account on data practices
Andre Walter – Enabling digital opportunities by mastering the privacy challenge
Andrew Vorster – Once you realize you deserve better
Anette Alén-Savikko –
Anna-Riitta Vuorenmaa – Data Transparency in Europe
Antti Poikola – Plenary: housekeeping
Benjamin André – Cozy Cloud – Anatomy of a personal cloud
Benjamin André – Personal Cloud as a business opprtunity for enterprises
Berit Skjernaa – Confidential data analysis
Björn Pirrwitz – Permission-based identity. Replacing the identity provider model with user-centric data sharing.
Bo Harald –
Cecile Wendling – Big Data and the Insurance Industry
Charalampos Doukas – Data Ownership and Trust in the IoT
Christine Copers – Management of a citizen’s personal data: an increasingly important challenge
Clara Schmitt – Insurance & Financing
Coutant Fabien – Enedis – Smart meter data to empower citizens in the energy transition
Dagmar Celuchova Bosanska – How governments acting as a “Big Brother” can become acceptable or even likeable
Dana Lewis –
Daniel Kaplan – Why are we here – Opening plenary [Video in YouTube]
David Robert – Self-Sovereign Identifier for Personal Data Ownership and Access Control
Diego Naranjo –
Doc Searls – The Rise of Personal Power
Edouard Geffray –
Eitan Jankelewitz – A New Era for Data Privacy: GDPR
Erwin Kroon – Hooked on Privacy
Esa Sirkkunen – The conflicting frames on privacy
Fedja Zdrnja – HelloData use case
Geoff Revill – Don’t seek trust, seek to be trustworthy
Hans-Martin Hellebrand – HUMADA Inc.: Personal Data in the US: Legislation, Social Perception & Business Models
Hans-Martin Hellebrand – HUMADA Inc.: Way towards a the next level of digital life
Harri Honko – MyData Reference Architecture
Harri Pursiainen – Opening words from the Ministry of Transport and Communications [Video in YouTube]
Hiroshi Nakagawa – Institutional Issues and Pseudonymization
Irene Ng – Hub-of-all-things: The HAT Story
James Harvey – The impact of cognitive load, 
with consent 
in mind, during onboarding
Jamie Smith – A perspective
Jb Piacentino – Search engines: Personal Data friend or foe?
Joachim Lohkamp – Blockchain and Personal Data
Joanne Lacey – Building Trust – A Cross-Ecosystem Approach
Josh Brown – People not proxies: researchers at the heart of research
Julia Manske – Where is my data?
Justin Richer – The Next Three Years
Juuso Parkkinen – Session introduction, no slides
Kai Kuikkaniemi – History of MyData in Finland – Opening plenary [Video in YouTube]
Katryna Dow – Meeco Me2B Living Learning Labs: EXAMPLES, EXPERIENCES AND CASE STUDIES!
Kazue Sako – Session Introduction: Global Winds from Japan to Silicon Valley
Kazushi Ishigaki – A challenge towards social implementation of PDS with public sector using open source software “personium”
Kjeld Hansen – Towards an Understanding of Shared Personal Informatics
Koiti Hasida – Decentralized Personal Data Store
Kristian Bäckström – Connectivity for accomplishing the MyData concept
Laura Kemppainen – Business models and MyData panel
Lilli Linkola –
Maciej Machulak – User-Managed Access
Madis Tiik – How ICT changes healthcare and wellbeing services
Mads Schaarup Andersen – Too many decisions? Reducing cognitive load with personalized privacy assistants
Marianne Falck-Hvilstafeldt – Aikani –Mobile App
Marine Albarede – MesInfos Experiment in France
Mark Lizar – Real Consent is about Experience
Marko Latvanen – MyData + MyGovernment = MyServices? Some issues concerning personal, proactive, automated and smart digital service delivery
Markus Sabadello – Anatomy of Personal Data Storage
Markus Sabadello – Blockchain and Personal Data
Markus Sabadello – Technical Horizons
Mats Sjöberg – Digital Me: your digital footprint in knowledge work
Michele Nati – Consent Receipts – The Future of Personal Data Sharing?
Michele Nati – Personal Data and Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges
Michele Vescovi – Italia: Mydatastore, The Mobile Territorial Lab and Livlab
Miguel Perez Subias – TYPES Project: Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business
Mika Honkanen – Omadata (6aika) kaupungeissa
Mikael Rinnetmäki – #WeAreNotWaiting: Open Source Communities Hack Medical Devices and Use the Data for Personalized Care and Improved Outcomes
Minna Saariketo – Workshop on Critical technology education
Mkko Lampi – Combining MyData and personal archiving
Molly Schwartz – MyData and Mutual Trust [Video in YouTube]
Molly Schwartz – Opening plenary [Video in YouTube]
Nathan Kinch – Strategy and Tactics for MyData Design
Nicolo Zingales – A trust-based framework for the data-driven economy
Oguzhan Gencoglu – Why is your data valuable? : A machine learning and AI perspective
Olli Pitkänen –
Ossi Laukkanen – MyData and Digital clinic
Pär Andler – Fun Learning and learning data
Paula Merikko – Giving Learners Control over Their Higher Education Data
Pekka Koponen – Session host, no slides
Pekka Turpeinen – Digital Identity andMy Dataas Business Enablers
Pernille Tranberg – The DataEthical Company
Peter Paul Gerbrands – The awareness question (video)
Peter Vander Auwera – The Illusion of Agency [Video in YouTube]
Petteri Günther –
Pierrick Thébault – Designing experiences for the personal data box
Ramon Sangüesa – Tools for transparency: examples and challenges
Risto Linturi – Thing2Data
Romain Liberge – MAIF, becoming a self data company [Video in YouTube]
Rory Donnelly – The Internet of Me win:win for businesses and individuals [Video in YouTube]
Rufus Pollock –
Ryosuke Shibasaki – Risk or Asset?  How to change people’s recognition of personal information; Social-design approach using a metaphor of “bank”.
Saara Ryhtä –
Sachin Lodha – Managing, sharing and storing decentralised IoT data safely and securely
Sami Pippuri – Building the Future of Mobility
Samuel Rinnetmäki – What I’m doing with MyData today
Sarah MEDJEK – Privacy Control Paradox
Sean Bohan – Day 2: Technical Horizons
Serafin Lion Engel – You vs. Data Brokers: how personal internet users can topple unethical data trading
Serge Bignens – MIDATA Ecosystem
Tarmo Toikkanen – MyData in the LifeLearn Platform
Teppo Valtonen – Quantified Employee
Tero Almi – Adding value to people and lending
Timo Seppälä – Personnal Data and Platforms
Tuukka Hastrup – Enabling personalised services in public transport
Tuuli Kaskinen – Hyperconnection and future of the society [Video in YouTube]
Valérie Peugeot – closing session

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