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Partners Highlighted

“It sound’s familiar, I must have heard about it somewhere.” Familiar typeface, cool colors or something that makes you think “I think I know them”, but then you actually can’t tell what they do. Who are the companies behind the logos? Here are all our sponsors highlighted.

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TeliaSonera is a company formed from two national telecom agencies, Telia (Sweden) and Sonera (Finland) in 2002. Nowadays TeliaSonera is the fifth largest telecom operator in Europe and continues building on its pioneering spirit and high technology expertise within both fixed and mobile communications inherited from its predecessors.

The digital society is a global movement. By being connected, people all over the world can explore, invent and share. And this is Sonera’s business and passion. Everything they do is about bringing the world closer through technology.


Tekes is an innovation funding center that provides funding for challenging research projects in companies, universities and research institutes. Tekes helps companies turn promising ideas into viable business by providing funding and specialist services. Innovations helps to renew the Finnish society and economy, and Tekes helps these innovations come true.


suomifi_services_550x125px_EN is a one-stop portal for Finnish public sector online services for citizens. The portal contains links to sites that provide information and services for citizens. These sites are produced by state and local government organisations, municipalities, nationally operating NGO’s and certain private companies. gives information for anyone who needs to transact with Finland’s public administration, regardless of whether they reside in Finland or abroad. The portal includes texts, service information, e-services and forms. is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.


Cozy is a personal private cloud and app platform which offers a great variety of apps while respecting the user’s privacy. The creators of Cozy wish to create an universal tool which can help you to organise your life and make you more productive by automating tasks. It will act as your own personal assistant, providing the information you’re looking for and offering advice when you need it. Cozy will be of use to both individual users and certain businesses as a solid foundation for building a vendor-neutral cloud platform


Meeco is a new service to help you manage life and all your important digital relationships. It allows you to add, organise, edit and securely share all your information. Meeco is your home to a growing collection of apps (called boards) that give you access to your suite of privacy, browsing and personal analytics experiences.

You personally curate all boards, which makes your Meeco experience totally unique. Your activity, preferences and profile data is securely synced between all of your devices, and of course anything stored by Meeco is encrypted.

Meeco is designed to be an easy part of your daily routine. Every time you use Meeco to pay your bills, search the web or signal your intentions you are reducing your digital footprint and building a richer personal profile where you are in control


Liikennevirasto (Finnish Transport Agency) enables smooth, efficient and safe travel and transport. They are responsible for Finland’s roads, railways and waterways and for the development of Finland’s transport system. The Finnish Transport Agency strives to act in a responsible, effective and innovative way to optimise the effectiveness of the transport system, improve traffic safety and enhance sustainable development in all regions. Our experts develop services to facilitate travel and transport, thus promoting the development of a well-functioning society. It is their responsibility to maintain the high quality of Finnish infrastructure, which in its turn enables mobility services, robotisation and digitalisation.


Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) is a joint local authority whose member municipalities are Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo. HSL began its operations in 2010. HSL is responsible for public transportation in the Helsinki metropolitan area. HSL plans and organises public transport in the region and improves its operating conditions. Some 345 million journeys are made on HSL’s transport services annually. HSL’s vision is that in 2025 public transport is number one choice for travel. “HSL moves us all.”

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