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“It sound’s familiar, I must have heard about it somewhere.” Familiar typeface, cool colors or something that makes you think “I think I know them”, but then you actually can’t tell what they do. Who are the companies behind the logos? Here are all our supportes.

Re:Know (Revolution of Knowledge Work) is a research project that aims to create information-seeking and sense-making methods for a revolution in knowledge work. Currently vast amounts of information are scattered around in various data silos. The existing systems and search engines have too inflexible views to the data and have a limited ability to study large data masses. Instead of supporting knowledge work the current systems constraint it.

Re:Know aims to develop Symbiotic Human-Information Interfaces which pave the way for a revolution of knowledge work. These human-information interfaces utilize heterogenous data sources, are context-aware, user controlled, explanation giving and interactive.

By mixing human creativity and the capability of computers to handle data, Re:Know supports human cognition, freeing the knowledge worker’s time to sense-making, collaboration and creative thinking. The project combines the multidisciplinary world-class expertise in machine learning, human-computer interaction, distributed computing, cognitive neuroergonomics and human factors at work, available within Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

The Digital Health Revolution-initiative is built around the belief that a revolution is needed in personal healthcare. Health care needs to be personalized and proactive for the benefit of individuals, society and business.

Intelligent and systematic combination of data from different sources and the creation of MyData will offer new opportunities for personalized health care. This will change healthcare processes and customer applications for health promotion and self-care.

Currently the Digital Health Revolution pilot study is developing a next-generation health check-up that combines data about an individual’s state of health from different sources. The long term goal is to study whether returning this data along with individuals lifestyle coaching can contribute to the health of the participants and improve their motivation to change their lifestyles.


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Reaktor is a creative technology house that constructs exceptional digital services. The company builds services for clients’ specialising in finance, retail, media, telecommunications, in-flight services and the public sector. Reaktor has offices in New York, Helsinki and Tokyo. They have customers such as Kone, HBO, Finnair and Michael Kors for example.

Reaktor’s services are combination of code, UX design, visual design, concept design, analytics, content planning and growth hacking. The worlds of physical and digital are merging into one. The people of Reaktor are here to build a seamless interaction between the two entities. According to Reaktor, in that interaction is where all the future growth awaits.

Reaktor’s mission is to help businesses grow in the new era of opportunities. “Your success is our game and constant change is our forte. We’ll help you make the most out of it.” At the end of this year, 2016, Reaktor will launch their own satellite Hello World Reaktor.


Arkkeo is an archiving application which securely saves receipts, warranties and other documents from shops, insurance companies and other businesses. Even though we live in a digital world we have to deal with a lot of paper documents. Arkkeo was born to fulfill the needs of storing documents in a digital world. Arkkeo takes care that your important papers will be stored directly into a single place.

Arkkeo is available for mobile phones, tablets and computers. You can directly add companies from which you want to add electronic documents to your Arkkeo account, or you can use your phone camera to easily digitize your paper documents.

You can also share your own documents to for example with your relatives or business partners. Arkkeo has invested into data security with SafeConnect™-connection, so your documents aren’t just available, they’re also safe. From tickets to contracts – Arkkeo is a digital way to store and share documents.


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Lindorff is a credit management service provider, who offers consulting, payment, invoicing, debt collection and purchase services. For more than 100 years Lindorff has protected businesses from losses and contributed to enhanced profits.

Lindorff is the European leader in credit management and has over time built best-in-class capabilities coupled with a rigorous code of conduct. Their 3500 employees can extract the best value from customers’ portfolios and operate with high ethical standards. They have the platform, footprint, and funding to support growth in existing markets as well as a proven track record in entering new markets.

At Lindorff, we see credit management differently. We see opportunities, not obstacles. Flexibility, not rigidity. New solutions, not legacy objections. We see a better way.


asiakastieto is a leading company providing corporate risk management, and sales and marketing information services in Finland. Asiakastieto provides electronic services integrated into customers’ decision-making processes, web services tailored for contractual clients, and company and personal information services accessible for all. maintains a comprehensive private company information database, which contains up-to-date data on all Finnish companies and their key individuals. They are in real-time contact with many other public and private data sources. They also maintain a file on consumer credit information. The main part of their services is available directly on the web.

Asiakastieto is a reliable, impartial producer of data, which secures the possibilities of both, enterprises and individuals, to act in matters relating to credits and trade. They co-operate with the leading credit information agencies in the world. They are partners in the BIGNet chain, which comprises the market leaders of the line in 13 European countries.

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