Day 1 – Making trust ecosystems happen

Consent needs technology - review from different projects on the architecture of notice and consent

Day 1 – Making trust ecosystems happen

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Notice and Consent is required across all jurisdictions and represents the global intersection for privacy and personal data control. This meetup -session will be a review from different projects on the architecture of notice and consent.

Projects to be presented and reviewed

Mark Lizar, Real Consent: It’s about the experience

Introduction to consent and Mydata: A report on Real Consent Workshop for personal data and trust at Digital Catapult, topics; assessing the consent compliance gap, consent by design, and transparency over consent and information sharing with consent receipts (aka. Open Consent for interoperability).

Harri Honko, MyData: MyData reference architecture specifications

Presentation discusses use of dynamic consent and its role in the My Data Stack, a consent-based architecture for personal data management. Presentation goes through supported consent use cases, UI concepts and how other technologies and service provider organizations link to MyData architecture stack and the centralized consent registry and authorization management service it introduces – MyData SDK.

Michele Nati, Digital Catapult: Consent Receipts – The Future of Personal Data Sharing?

Lessons from a real deployment of consent receipts trial. The presentation will focus on the lessons learned during the deployment of the consent receipt in the Digital Catapult concierge system.

It will include insights on actual receipt design, using UX practices, ranging from exploratory interviews, evaluation interviews, and participatory design workshops in order to design a consent receipt meaningful for real people. It will also report about the experience in deploying and rolling out the system, including feedback from trials participants to understand the role of consent receipts in increasing people’s trust on how organizations collect and treat their data. The presentation will conclude with identification of next steps and the role played by the consent receipt in the evolution of the personal data ecosystem and the development of an open consent trust framework.

Joss Langford, Coelition: Trust Ecosystem for Behavioural event Data

Illustrating the use of pseudonymised keys, a non-profit facilitated trust ecosystem and an open standard for the industrial use of behaviour data from IoT to Big Data environments. Discussion on how this trust framework leverages consent.

Katryna Dow, Meeco: Consent Management for people

Meeco’s leading life management platform for people provides a leading platform globally enabling people to share and manage personal information. Connecting, brands, services and people with a user driven dashboard.

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