Day 2 – Business models

Human-centered business models for platform operators

Day 2 – Business models

The market of personal data management is changing rapidly and there is a need for the emergence of more personal and human-centered digital services.

Human-centered personal data management is all about giving control over data to individuals. This opens up new opportunities for companies to offer more personalised services based on different data integrations. At the same time, the individuals will get better deals and will be able to release the value of their own data.

As the need for sharing personal data in a secure way increases, the need for companies that help individuals to manage their data grows. In the emerging transaction and trust based personal data management ecosystem there is a great need for an actor that takes the role of a trusted partner and connects individuals and service providers in a secure way.

The ‘MyData and Business Models’ track hosts a panel that gathers together companies to discuss the opportunities and challenges they are facing. The questions to be answered are for example

Why would an individual to use a platform operator’s service? What is the value of your service to individuals? What is the value of your service to companies on your platform?

Who should pay for the platform operator’s service, the individual, data using company or the data source, or someone else?

Is there a business in helping individuals to manage their health data? What are the challenges you are facing as platform operators in the healthcare sector?

Programme contributors/ Panelists:

Julian Ranger, Chairman & Founder at
Mika Raitola, Innovation Manager at Sonera
Joachim Lohkamp, Co-founder at Jolocom
Ossi Laukkanen, eHealth Director at Mehiläinen
Petri Reiman, Chief Technology Officer at Affecto Finland
Hans-Martin Hellebrand, Founder at HUMADA Inc.

Session hosts:

Minna Pikkarainen, Laura Kemppainen

Time: Day 2 – 2 – Midday (11:00-12:30) – Workshops