Day 2 – Quantified employee

Using MyData for designing work

Day 2 – Quantified employee

Quantified Self movement seeks self knowledge through numbers. When we take these numbers into work organizations and employee–employer relationships, we are facing much more complex dynamics and ethical issues than on an individual level.

How and what kind of data should be shared with whom? Who should have access to the raw data? Can we trust the data and the interpretations?

When quantifying an employee there are multiple stakeholders with possibly conflicting goals and incentives: the employer, colleagues, occupational health service, trade unions, insurance companies, management consultants, tracking service providers, device manufacturers, the lawmaker…

In this session, we will discuss the challenges in and possible solutions for using data gathered and shared by employees to design work that supports creativity, learning and sustainable productivity.


Introduction to QE, Teppo Valtonen, FIOH
Digi Clinic, Ossi Laukkanen, Mehiläinen
Aikani App, Marianne Falck-Hvilstafeldt, Ekonomit
You, work and Your Data, Peter Paul Gerbrands, ACTTOBE

Programme contributors

Teppo Valtonen (session host, speaker)
Marianne Falck-Hvilstafeldt (speaker)
Peter Paul Gerbrands (speaker)
Ossi Laukkanen (speaker)