Day 1 – Public services

Governments collect and manage lots of personal data data, what is their role in shaping the dominant practices?

Day 1 – Public services

The session tackles the challenging and complex issues of transparency, government processes and accountability, data security and the relation of MyData fully personalized and proactive digital government services. The themes will be discussed from different perspectives in the context of four presentations, followed by an half-hour Q & A and summary.

Programme contributors:

  • Janne Viskari (session host),
  • Julia Manske, Program Manager at stiftung neue verantwortung (SNV), Germany
  • Allon Bar, policy and engagement manager of the Ranking Digital Rights project, United States / Germany
  • Dagmar Celuchova Bosanska, State Counsellor, Slovakia
  • Christine Copers, Innovation Manager at Fedict, Belgium
  • Marko Latvanen, Web editor,, Finland

Allon Bar & Julia Manske – Where is my data? Holding public and private sectors to account on data practices

Governments and companies increasingly hold, use and sometimes exchange data about citizens, whether it is related to their health, their private communications or their financial records. At the same time, individuals have very little insight into what kind of data is collected and shared, and with whom. For users to have control over their data it is an essential first step to know what happens with their data. Building on our work on two projects “Ranking Digital Rights” and “Open Data & Privacy” we want to discuss these questions with a wider audience: what should governments and private sector transparency and accountability should like? What kind of instruments are needed in order to enable citizens to exercise control based on this information?


Christine Copers – Management of a citizen’s personal data: an increasingly important challenge

The whole Mydata discussion tends to focus (for obvious reasons) on the customer-company relationship and is based on an economic dynamic. Governments however also collect and manage lots of data. As the Mydata or OYD movement evolves, it is up to government to be in tune to what consumers (in casu citizens) take to heart. In Belgium, Fedict is the federal government administration responsible for e-government and we also keeps tabs with what happens in society. The presentation focusses on why it’s important, what government can do and what Fedict is doing specifically with regard to a MyProfile concept, intelligent webforms and the participation in a Living Lab.


Marko Latvanen – MyData + MyGovernment = MyServices? Some issues concerning personal, proactive,
automated and smart digital service delivery

Discussion on the possibilities and practical challenges of producing user-centered, proactive and personal public sector services that use a citizen’s own official data to automatically enrich and target service delivery.