Day 1 – Health and wellbeing

Human centric personal data in the future health and care solutions

Day 1 – Health and wellbeing

The session is organized by Digital Health Revolution project (led by Centre for health and technology, University of Oulu, Finland) and hosted by Maritta Perälä-Heape, director, Centre for health and technology.

The session is sharing the perspectives of patients, medical doctors, companies, and Finnish biobanks on MyData approach in healthcare.

The session is opened with panel discussion about opportunities and challenges of MyData approach in healthcare – how patients use the data when they have access to it, what are the current obstacles in getting the health data to wider use, and what can be done to overcome the obstacles? The panel is followed by a commentary of a medical doctor. The final presentation will address the challenges and opportunities in Finnish population level studies and MyData.

Panel discussion on Patients and Mydata

Panel moderated by Mikael Rinnetmäki, founder, Sensotrend Ltd

The panel discussion focuses on how individuals use data from their medical devices for personalized care and better outcomes of care. The panel discusses concerns about the matter and proposes models for the development activity of the individuals as innovators/researches around privacy and security of personal data. The panel also demonstrates how the regulatory authorities have reacted to this kind of development and shows how these empowered patients have already affected the medical technology industry.

Madis Tiik, MD, Senior Advisor of Sitra: Medical doctors and MyData

This commentary presentation focuses on the opportunities of MyData approach in the actual clinics and commentates on the panel discussion on empowerment of patients. The presentation will explore the advantage of MyData approach in healthcare reform.

Risto Kaikkonen, Head of Unit, National Institute for Health and Welfare: Finnish BioBanks and Mydata.

The presentation is giving insights on the open data politics in Finland.


11.00 Opening words, Anssi Pulkkinen, Director, Wellbeing and Health, Tekes
11.10 Panel discussion: Patients and MyData, moderated by Mikael Rinnetmäki
Panel participants: Sulka Haro, Dana Lewis and Scott Leibrand
12.00 Commentary: Medical doctors and MyData, Madis Tiik
12.15. Finnish BioBanks and Mydata, Risto Kaikkonen
12.30 Closing remarks, Anssi Pulkkinen

Risto Kaikkonen – Finnish population registries and MyData, THL
Madis Tiik – Doctor’s view on MyData, Sitra
Mikael Rinnetmäki, Sulka Haro, Dana Lewis, Scott Leibrand – #WeAreNotWaiting: open source communities hack medical devices and use the data for personalized care and improved outcomes.