Day 1 – Blockchain and Personal Data

Decentralizing identity management and personal data sharing

Day 1 – Blockchain and Personal Data

The session will open with a keynote discussing opportunities and challenges in using the blockchain to decentralize the personal data ecosystem. Following presentations will focus on how to decentralize identity management. Two talks will explore blockchain and non-blockchain based identity systems, to further understand the advantage of one approach with respect to the other. A final presentation will demo an operational system for creating a digital identity and sharing personal data using blockchain. A panel discussion with the speakers will conclude the session by providing time for extensive questions from the participants.


Michele Nati – Personal Data and Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges

The keynote presentation will provide a summary of opportunities arising from using blockchain technologies in the personal data ecosystem, by highlighting existing relevant initiatives, as well the challenges related to the blockchain technology, including its limits and the need for new form of decentralized governance and business models.

Markus Sabadello – Identity management using blockchain

The presentation will provide an introduction on how blockchain technology can be used for identity management in the personal data sharing ecosystem, by exploring general principles and ideas, and giving an overview of notable current initiatives in this area.

Björn Pirrwitz – Getting rid of the ‘trusted intermediary’: Introducing user-centric identity

The presentation will outline the SingleID solution, which provides a paradigm-shifting novel ‘zero-knowledge’-identity-as-a-service platform. While not building on blockchain solutions, the presentation will highlight the benefit of decentralized identity management and will help to foster discussion about the need to use blockchain or other alternative solutions to achieve such paradigm shift in identity management. A demo will conclude the presentation.

Joachim Lohkamp – Encounter with the blockchain in a decentralized network

The presentation will demonstrate how a digital identity can be created with the help of blockchain technology, and it will explain how this can be used for connecting and sharing personal data. The speaker will discuss the synergy between blockchain and other technologies such as Linked Data.

Panel – host+all speakers and session participants

Q&A. Main discussion will focus around understanding the feasibility of a decentralized personal data sharing ecosystem and the role of blockchain and other approaches.