Day 1 – Anatomy of personal data storage

Storing personal data under individual’s own control is the starting point for MyData - what is the state of the art in this field of technical development?

Day 1 – Anatomy of personal data storage

Programme contributors: JB Piacentino (session host), Markus Sabadello, Mats Sjöberg and Tristan Nitot

Jb Piacentino – Welcome and Introduction to Personal Data Storage

Tristan Nitot – Leveraging the Personal Cloud to bring value to both users and enterprises

What if users could avoid having all their personal data stored into silos in California and instead use a personal cloud solution to gain back sovereignty over data? Cozy Cloud is working on such an approach where users are in charge while vendors can offer innovative services based on data without collecting it. Cozy will explain how it’s being done today with large organizations and a growing number of users.

Markus Sabadello – FreedomBox and interoperability

The FreedomBox is a personal server designed for privacy and control over personal data. It tries not to invent new software, but rather be an easy-to-use platform for integrating existing efforts. We can compare different technologies for storing and sharing personal data, and discuss how data can be made portable, interoperable, and not locked into any single vendor or technology.

Mats Sjöberg – Digital Me: your digital footprint in knowledge work

We introduce the Digital Me (DiMe) personal data storage platform being developed as part of the Re:Know research project. DiMe collects the digital footprint of a knowledge worker, and leverages state-of-the-art machine learning to help individuals manage and utilize their personal data. We highlight some promising applications currently being developed on the DiMe platform.

Michele Vescovi – My Data Store: Enabling the next TRUSTED digital life. Your data, your asset, your potentials!

Since 2012 TIM – Telecom Italia is exploring and enhancing the concept of personal data store. With this purpose we designed My Data Store, an user centric platform allowing the collection of personal data from heterogeneous sources including smartphone’s sensors, connected devices, online or business services (such as social networks, retailers, utility providers). Through easy and flexible API we aim at enabling a new world of privacy-preserving data-driven applications, fully transparent and controlled by users.

Panel – host+all speakers and session participants

Main discussion will focus around understanding the issues faced by personal data storage systems
Centralization vs decentralization / hosted vs local ? Opportunities & challenges.
Meeco vs DigiMe vs Cozy