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MyData 2016 Speaker Interview: Justin Richer

Hi, this is Molly here, the MyData 2016 Communications Lead. Last month I got the chance to catch up with one of our MyData 2016 speakers, Justin Richer, via Skype. He is a systems architect, software engineer, and standards editor who helped build many of the core technology standards at the core of MyData, such as OAuth2 and User-Managed Access (UMA). He expressed excitement about participating in this conference because much of the MyData infrastructure remains to be built, and he enjoys the research and development phase of technology development because things often break in interesting and unexpected ways. He sees a lot of similarities between MyData and work that he has done for the MIT Consortium for Kerberos and Internet Trust. Watch the video below where he describes his in his own words. We are very excited that he will be coming to share his expertise with us in August!

Video Transcript: “Sure, Molly, thanks for inviting me along. So I am an independent consultant specializing in Internet security and I’ve done a lot of work specializing in open standards and open source implementations of those standards. Particularly I’ve done a lot of work around the OAuth2 and OpenIDConnect standards and a lot of the attendant ecosystem around that, including client registration, token introspection, discovery, user-managed access, and lots of other bits and pieces that use these protocols to go off and build real systems.”


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