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Participatory programme planning

You have been submitting ideas to the MyData 2016 event programme. And we have heard them! So far we have received 39 speaker suggestions and roughly the same number of other ideas ranging from content themes to intermission exercises.

On Tuesday, January 26th we held a Talkoot* here in snowy Helsinki to sift through all of the ideas you submitted to our online form, which will remain open through February 14th. Based on your ideas we started to draft the general programme themes that reflects your input. We will announce the themes and first keynote speakers on February 16th when we have the official launch event.

Your have provided the inspiration and ideas we needed to create a draft programme, but it is not finalized yet. We will open a call for sessions based on the programme themes, where you will have a chance to suggest sessions and vote for your favorites. At least half of the whole conference programme will be decided based on the call for sessions. Please look out for our call for sessions and keep sending in your ideas via our website.


We are still in the process of reaching out to the people you expressed interest in seeing at our event and can not publish the idea list (with names of suggested speakers) yet.

Join the crew

If you are curious about the ideas that people submitted and wish to help us curate the programme, please send an email to and join the voluntary MyData 2016 Crew. All crew members get access also to the Trello board where the event ideas are recorded and discussed. We also have a Slack channel for the crew and, most importantly, we will have these monthly meetings called Talkoot in the future as well, approximately once a month (Skype participation is possible).

* Talkoot is a Finnish expression for a gathering of friends and neighbors to accomplish a task that is a common concern, i.e. for the good of the group. The parents of a pre-school may gather to improve the playground, or the tenants of a tenement house may arrange a talkoot to put their garden in order for the summer or winter. Traditionally food, drinks and sauna after the work are often expected (in this instance of the MyData 2016 Talkoot we didn’t have option for sauna since we were hosted at the public library, but let’s see if we can fix that for the next time ;).

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  1. The ability for individuals to delegate access to service provider APIs is paramount. This needs to be done in a person-centric rather than institution-centric way. Much about this is being done in the Kantara User Manged Access (UMA) workgroup. But we’re not home with a person-centered architecture until UMA explicitly allows the individual API subject to specify _any_ Authorization Server without restriction or certification by the data holders. This includes dynamic client registration under the Authorization Server’s control.

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